An international admissions consulting firm, forged out of a real life experience, focused on helping Indians gain admission the top-15 B-schools

Our co-founder, Rajdeep Chimni, was born and brought up in India and had a typical “IT male” profile. He signed on with a branded consulting firm and applied to 6 programs in the top-15 in 2005. The people who advised him were not US MBA’s and had no inside knowledge of business schools nor were they industry experts who could help him chart a career path. The result: Rejected by all 6 schools. Many candidates suffer this faith as there is no access to good consultants and the Indian pool is highly competitive.

Conducting a post-mortem Chimni found that:

  • These ‘consulting’ companies handle ~1200 cases a year. There is no individual service, no focus on strategy, it’s simply cookie cutter essay editing.
  • Applications were being edited by a ‘counsultant’ whose business context and English skills paled in comparison to the actual applicants
  • This ‘chop shop’ mentality was leading candidates to either rejection or resulted in admits to schools at or below respective profile levels. There was no value addition.
  • These ‘consulting’ shops in a year had 2-3% candidates gain admission to the top-10 schools as their cookie cutter approach did not pass muster at elite schools.

In the end engaging this experience cost Chimni:

  • INR 40,000 in counselling fees
  • $1000 fees for 6 applications (which he would pay again next year)
  • $1,00,000 in opportunity cost. The position he would have held graduating 1 year earlier
  • Self doubt regarding his career and his abilities
  • Lots of disappointment from being mired in the admissions process for 2 years

A total cost of INR 55.4L not accounting for time spent and stress.

The next year, Rajdeep looked for a seasoned consultant. The US consulants charged a whopping $6,500 for a full 3-school package. About INR 3.3L today. Being a good story teller and writer, Rajdeep decided to apply himself. He conducted first hand research at his top choices, which cost him INR 2L.

He got into 6 top schools, with scholarships ranging from $10K- $40K and attended the Kellogg School of Management, where he was the only Indian IT male from India in the class of 2008. He earned this success at a total cost of 2 years of time and anxiety, INR 3.4L of application cost and opportunity cost of INR 55L. A INR 58.4L price tag.

At Kellogg, Rajdeep established Admissions Gateway so that Indian candidates do not have to go through this excruciating process. Bringing together all he had learnt, in 2007, he did 20 cases , 95% of the candidates, got into top-10 schools. The rate of acceptance for Indians at these schools was 8-10%.

Chimni teamed up with co-founder Dipika Chopra, who as a venture partner with Trident Capital had experience both in investing and operating education companies in India. Dipika put together a team of global admissions counselors and industry experts from Booth, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Kellogg, and Stanford. She then gave the Indian mainstream access to this team by pricing services at ~33% the cost of services provided by US consultants, for more exhaustive services.

Since mid-2006, we have helped over 500 candidates with a 97% success rate for Indian candidates to the top-15. The highest success rate in the world for one the toughest admission pools. We have a 99% success rate for international candidates to the top-10. 28% of our candidates earned scholarships in the range of $10K – $60K. A 500 – 3000X ROI!


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