Waitlist guidance

Many Indians find themselves waitlisted as the pool is oversubscribed. Different schools follow different waitlist procedures but generally speaking waitlist candidates remain on the waitlist for at least one additional decision round.

Few, if any, schools provide feedback to waitlist candidates and applicants are asked to send updated materials only if there have been developments since the initial application. Some schools however formally state that they do not need any additional information.

We will work with you to:

  • Review your application and leverage our unique insight on the program in question to identify potential reasons for your being placed on the waitlist
  • Plan and execute relevant updates
  • Identify how much contact with the admissions committee is required
  • Connect you with alumni and current student to take your positioning one-step further
  • Help you craft a letter to the AdCom to address gaps, strengthen your candidacy and reinforce your interest in the program
  • Advise you on engagement with your waitlist coordinator


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