Admissions Advice from Seasoned Alumni

Our counselors have in-depth knowledge of the US undergraduate admissions process through:

  • Graduating from Ivy league universities
  • Prior involvement with the admissions and scholarship office
  • Advising over 500 students to top business, engineering and liberal arts programs

Along with admissions experience, our counselors have a deep understanding of your cultural context and school routine in India by virtue of having lived and worked in India.

This combination results in 100% of our student being accepted to 1 of their top-3 choices.

We help you with more than just essays by enabling experiences that help you get a better grasp of your field of interest but also help you become confident and articulate. We advise on:

  • Internships
  • Community projects
  • Avenues to pursue hobbies

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Case Study

IIT Vs US Engineering

  • SAT 2070
  • Computer Science
  • CMU, Berkeley

Featured Counselor

Joy Mischley

Joy Mischley
  • Ex-Assistant Director of the B.N. Duke Leadership Scholarship Program
  • Supervised 500 students engaged in community service, from New Orleans to South Africa
  • Clinton Fellow through the American India Foundation

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