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Acceptance rates for Indian candidates at top programs are 8-10%. 97% of our Indian applicants are accepted to the top-20 schools and a 100% acceptance rate for internationals to the top-10. We have the highest acceptance rate for Indian candidates, the toughest application pool, worldwide.

Below are video and audio testimonials volunteered by successful candidates and their parents. Also, read written testimonials from clients attending Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Booth, INSEAD, LBS, Tuck, Ross etc.

MBA Testimonials

Overworked candidate with no extra-curricular profile and limited time for applications.

Result: Kellogg & Stern


  • GMAT 730, 3 years 2nd tier consulting, B.B.A

Case Notes:

  • Completed 4 R1 applications despite 12-14 hour days with limited for applications
  • Built and positioned extra-curricular profile ( at and post college)
  • Conducted mock interviews to calm nerves and attain fluency

Re-applicant with average GMAT, dinged by 9 schools

Result: Duke & Ross


  • GMAT 700, 4 years consulting, B. COM.

Case Notes:

  • Previously dinged by 9 schools. Build candidates confidence in his profile.
  • Bad experience with previous counselor. Became a trusted advisor.
  • GMAT score below Indian average. Worked on articulating school specific story by leveraging school networks.

Re-applicant dinged by 4 schools after taking another consultants help

Result: INSEAD


  • GMAT 690, 7 years, FMCG

Case Notes:

  • Low GMAT score handled in optional essay
  • Resume not reflective of experience. Showed strategic role, business impact and quantified results.
  • Previous years feedback from schools “Background is good, essays do not represent you well”. Brainstormed examples and showcased leadership and team skills
  • Worked on interviewing skills

Early stage candidate with low GPA

Result: Cornell


  • GMAT 740, 2 years 2nd tier consulting, B. Tech. GPA 3.0

Case Notes:

  • Undergrad GPA was weak. Advised on optional essay.
  • Limited work experience with no significant team or leadership experience. Showcased examples and highlighted promise.
  • Defined comprehensive goals and how the schools would support them

Hi-tech background, dinged 2 consecutive years

Result: Cornell ($20K), Duke, UCLA($60K), Stern


  • GMAT 720, Software Dev/Test, B.E. Comp Sc.

Case Notes:

  • Applied over 2 years with no success leading to self doubt
  • Positioned business impact of technical work to differentiate from other IT applicants
  • Helped detailed consulting and corporate strategy goals
  • Highlighted fit with specific programs

Early stage candidate with typical profile

Result: Cornell, Duke, Ross, Stern


  • GMAT 640, 710, 1.5 years consulting, B. Tech. (regional)

Case Notes:

  • Built on limited work experience to alleviate no team or leadership experience
  • Developed goals and why MBA, why now pitch
  • Connected with school network for in-depth research
  • Bolstered average extra-curricular profile and showcased contributions

Early stage IT candidate

Result: Darden ($52K), Tepper ($16K), Cornell


  • GMAT 720, 20 months Software Testing, B. Tech BITS

Case Notes:

  • Job profile left no scope for leadership or impact. Highlighted self-leadership and scope of work.
  • Articulated the business benefit of software testing tasks
  • Clarified goals, walked through school research

Male Consultant Rejected from 3 Top-20 schools in R1, came to us in R2

Result: Ross


  • GMAT 710, 5 years consulting, B.E. (regional)

Case Notes:

  • Converted unrealistic goals to well thought out, rational ones
  • Advised on making essays school specific
  • Enhanced communication and interview skills

Did not complete graduation in two attempts, low impact work experience

Result: SMU COX ($10K), UIUC


  • GMAT 670, 4 years secretarial work, B.E did not complete ’05. B. Com ’10 3.3 GPA

Case Notes:

  • Started B.E and did not complete. Started Bachelors of Law and left after a year. 3 years later completed B.Com.
  • Helped clarify convoluted education and work profile switches
  • Overcame lack of leadership or team experiences


Undergraduate Testimonials

IT aspirant switched to Computer Sc. in the US

Result: CMU #1 Computer Science Program, Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan, UIUC


  • SAT 2070, average extra-curricular profile, no practical computer experience

Case Notes:

  • Streamlined test schedule ensuring candidate is not overloaded with SAT and IIT preparation
  • Connected with computer internship to gain practical experience
  • Helped articulate passion for computer science and fit with program

Female candidate interested in business

Result: Emory #5 UG Business Program


  • SAT 1780, average academic profile

Case Notes:

  • Advised on school selection
  • Built application strategy around interests
  • Connected with business internship and leveraged real life learning in essays


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