Admissions Gateway Reviews: Wharton, Kellogg and Booth with Scholarships

“I am an IIT graduate with 730 GMAT score and work experience in venture capital. I was a re-applicant this year. Last year, I worked with one of the global top 5 admissions consulting firms in the US and applied to top 7 schools. I spent 3000 dollars but did not get into any school.

This year, I worked with Rajdeep and got admitted to Kellogg in the first round. Rajdeep worked with me in figuring out the errors in choosing the stories last time, articulating the business impact of my work experience and ensuring that the same was supported by my referees.

I was impressed by Rajdeep’s understanding of what different business schools required from their applicants for demonstrating fit. Additionally, his understanding of Indian applicants’ backgrounds and how to differentiate my application stood out. Lastly, Rajdeep was very accessible and responsive to my queries through the whole application process which as you would appreciate tends to be nerve racking and full of anxiety. I would strongly recommend Admissions Gateway’s services.”

— SaxAnk, India

Re-applicant admitted to Kellogg

“I have been admitted to the class of 2018 at the Wharton School and Yale and I would like to spend a few minutes talking to you about my MBA application journey & my experience with Admissions Gateway. I applied last year but felt later that I had a lot of shortcomings in my profile, had changed jobs many times and didn’t have a clear picture about how to go about my applications.

When I approached AG I was facing several challenges. I didn’t know how to use my time in the months leading up to the admissions season. I was not sure whether I should retake the GMAT or research the programs and the counsellors at Admissions Gateway were incredibly helpful.

I was not clear on how to portray my story and the various experiences that I had had: how to select and sort of curate the relevant ones which would portray my traits. The experience that the counsellors had was fantastic and their judgement and insights proved invaluable.

I spent ample time with my counsellors brainstorming different key experiences. Selecting key stories and bringing out strengths to match the strengths that the MBA programs want is critical. My counsellor insisted that I network with the schools and with alums. I didn’t know how to go about this networking and they suggested approaches and insights on how to structure conversations. That helped me craft a unique answer to why I was interested in coming to that school.

I think just the critical review of all my essays and resume and my overall story helped me come across more confidently during my interviews and video essays. I had a lot of questions and the counsellors were always available and helpful. Thanks to their help I got into Wharton.”

— AsthAbhi, India

Re-applicant admitted to Wharton

“I applied to a few business schools but did not get in. A known consultant in Mumbai introduced me to Admissions Gateway as he felt they were the right people to get me into a top-15.

My experience with Admissions Gateway was life changing! With my low GPA, poor communication skills and monotonous work experience, I was not going anywhere. I am entrepreneur and never built my resume earlier. It was quite challenging initially to align my thoughts and come up with all the work that I have done in STAR format. My friends and mentors were amazed at how well my resume was presented.

I then worked with Piyush on my essays. It was quite tricky to choose between the options for a particular essay. Piyush and I had to brainstorm a lot. Also the research that I had to do for writing the Goal essay felt like never ending.

The team really turned around my candidacy and helped me get into my dream school. There were some rough conversations along the way but those helped me to work hard and be patient. I was so demoralized after my previous year’s results that I worked with another consultant along with Admissions Gateway but in the end my admissions came through Admissions Gateway. This top 5 MBA is going to have a profound impact on my life and I am indebted to the team for making it possible. I was happy to just get into a top-15, I got Kellogg with a named scholarship.”

— Sang Hir, India

Kellogg with $120,000 scholarship

“I was looking for a consultant who could help me secure an admit to a top-5 US B-School and Rajdeep came highly recommended by friends who had made it to top US schools.

The approach of Admissions Gateway is very structured and professional. We began with the resume and his way of looking at it from a strategic lens made my resume really strong. I had an operations background so I was earlier struggling with presenting the bigger picture. We finalised our schools, picking Wharton, Kellogg, Darden and Ross in Round 1.

Rajdeep’s approach of deep research on schools made my essays very relevant and specific to the schools. He was also extremely patient despite multiple iterations, helping perfect the essays. The engagement went beyond what I had expected or imagined. He even helped me address the smaller details such as the short answers in the application.

I got 3 interview calls and zero rejects. He also helped in interview prep as I had a lot to improve in that area and all this led to my admission at Wharton.”

— GuptSon, India


“I am a slightly diverse candidate as I am a doctor and an entrepreneur, which is why I went to Rajdeep as I didn’t have any benchmark or peers with a similar background who were applying.

Rajdeep really helped me narrow down the schools I should be applying to, helping me with the research and connecting me with a lot of students, helping me get a real feel of the colleges. Secondly, I believe I had a lot to say in the essays and the team helped me narrow down the storyline and articulate my goals making them relevant to B-schools. Also I went to Rajdeep with a 2-3 page technical resume and he helped make it more strategic.

I applied to 3 schools in Round 1 and got calls from all three that were my dream schools and were really highly ranked. I think the greatest differentiator is the experience that the Admissions Gateway team brings as there is a lot of experience, data and connections which put together sets them apart from any other counsellors.”

— JethPank, India

Wharton, $8K scholarship

“Having worked in the manufacturing sector in a project management role for 4 years I was looking towards a career transition to a strategy role in emerging markets. I learnt about Admissions Gateway’s success record with top MBA admissions through a friend at Fuqua. Post my 30-minute free consultation I knew I had found a great advisor.

I worked on improving my GMAT score and achieved a 40 point increase. We targeted schools across Round 1 and 2 and applied to a range in the top-15. We worked on presenting the collaborative aspects and strategic impact of my work and then found a way to align these with my goals. Rajdeep found ways to convey my story in a concise and impactful manner in the interview by guiding me through several mock interviews. He was very flexible in accommodating sudden changes in admissions strategy or work schedules.

I received admissions from Yale, Tuck, Fuqua and Kellogg with $100K scholarship. In hindsight, I see 3 major reasons for my success. One was starting preparations for the admissions process early on, then a structured approach to essays and interviews and finally depth of research on business schools and career goals.”

— Bhat Swag, Japan

Kellogg with $100,000 scholarship

“I contacted AG to help me with the application process for my 2nd MBA which I wanted to undertake to help switch from finance to consultancy. I did not have a B-school network to discuss the entire process and challenges with. Working with Rajdeep was the best decision I made during the process as he helped me with school selection, essays, interviews and connected me to alums from the various schools.

Knowing that my long term goal was to work at IFC, he even connected me to people working there who helped me get a better understanding and helped me refine my career goals. The first part of the process is building the resume and while most consultants who I’d earlier worked with just focus on editing, Rajdeep spent a lot of time in building the content and making me re-write the essays multiple times to ensure the resume is strategic and result oriented.

The interview prep process followed is also extremely vigorous – before each interview, Rajdeep introduced me to alums from the school who would take mock-interviews and give me school-specific insights which I could use for my interveiws. Working with Rajdeep and AG was a great experience with him guiding me at every step. I got interview calls from Wharton, Kellog, Booth, Yale and Stern and converted 4 of these 5 calls, which would not have been possible without him.”

— Gup Noopur, India

Booth and Kellogg (2nd MBA)

“I worked in a leading technology firm. When I decided to apply for an MBA I was a very young applicant with just 2 years of experience and an ambitious goal of applying to the top-5 business schools. What I liked about AG is that they understood my technology profile and adopted a strategic approach to hedge my risks and maximize my chances.

My resume was extremely technical and AG taught me how to present it in a strategic manner. Another challenge was convincing the schools why now versus applying after a year. Apart from this my counselor helped me balance work and applications. I recall how while applying to Wharton he stayed up till 1 am and kept iterating drafts till the essays were good enough to submit.

Thanks to Admissions Gateway I got calls from 6 of 7 schools with admits from MIT Sloan and Chicago Booth all with scholarships.”

— Jai Saks, India

Booth and MIT with $60,000 and $30,000

“Rajdeep was referred to me by a friend who had gained admission to Wharton last year working with him. I had strong work experience with a top-tier management consulting firm overseas; however my low GMAT score below 700 especially given the competitive Indian male category impacted my chances of gaining admission into a top 5 school severely. Rajdeep helped me choose the right schools given his in-depth understanding of both my profile as well as how I could fit into the schools.

AG was able to weave a very compelling story drawing from different facets of my life I could not connect coherently. He was able to address the GMAT weakness in the optional essay and get me back in the competition. I think they miraculously turned a weakness around and made sure I was not dinged. A lot of creative ideas flowed between us and I really appreciate all his hard work to get me past this stage.

AG was immensely helpful during the interview stage and gave me a good sense of how things work internally. I felt much more in my comfort zone after mocks and felt at ease during the interviews overcoming nerves. A big thank you to the entire team in helping me securing admissions to my top schools Kellogg and LBS.”

— BinaHars, India

Admitted to Kellogg and LBS with <700 GMAT

“I had a good profile but was not confident about getting into a Top-5 school. My work was not allowing me the time to focus on my applications. Kellogg was my dream school. Chimni encouraged me and made me more confident in my abilities. His network was great getting me all the input I needed from various schools.

I worked till midnight and when I got off Chimni used to go through the day’s application schedule! I doubt any other consultant would take calls after 7 PM. My supervisor’s supervisor also applied to Kellogg. My positioning and demonstration of fit got me admitted over someone with a much stronger profile on paper.”

— SidBhati, India

Kellogg and NYU Stern

“When I got my GMAT, I was happy with my score and I thought that I could get admission into the top 15 US B-schools but I wasn’t sure how to approach the application process. I met Rajdeep and showed him my resume which I thought was very good but he rated it 2.5 out of 10 which came as a surprise as I had put in a lot of effort on developing it.

Rajdeep changed how I should portray my strengths and helped build and bring out my story. Now when I look back, I understand the 2.5 rating! He also ensures that the school is the right fit for you and that you are a right fit for the schools. So in choosing the right school and preparing your application targeted at that school, AG was tremendously helpful throughout that process.

I was lucky to get admitted to 4 schools with a full scholarship at one and the credit for this goes to AG.”

— RohAsh, India


“I would strongly recommend Admissions Gateway to any candidate. In my case, they gave me a very honest review even before I used their services. Since I was not sure if they could help, Chimni looked at my application and advised me to what degree I would need help.

In my case, my resume was fine, but my essays needed work. In fact, I applied to some of the top-5 universities as they advised me to. Over the application period, Chimni worked closely with me, guiding me through the essays. When I managed to get interviews at three out of five schools, Chimni gave me practice interviews as well.

I am happy to say I got into my first choice; Chimni played a major role in my getting into one of the top universities in the world.”

— Seet Sandee, New Zealand

Chicago Booth

“Rajdeep’s advice was extremely helpful for my MBA application. His inputs on my resume and school selection strategy helped me navigate the admissions process successfully. The fact that he is an MBA from a top US school helped polish my thinking towards the essays and recommendations and in creating a sell-able story.”

— Gar Aks, India


“My undergraduate education was weak and GMAT was below the successful Indian pool median. I found the team to be easily approachable. The advice given was realistic and easy to act upon. I am ecstatic about the outcome.”

— JunSan, India

Kellogg, Booth & Stern


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