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Admissions Gateway Reviews: Harvard, Stanford and Wharton admits, including full scholarships.

“I had an ambitious target of making it to a top-5 business school. I was looking for guidance from someone who had experience counselling students who attended these schools and would help me think through how to best represent myself while ensuring authenticity and making sure MY story would shine through.

Prerak (Wharton) informed me that Rajdeep was hands-on and had a clear understanding of the admissions process. I faced two challenges:

1. Lack of time: I began thinking about applying in July-Aug. Despite the crunched timelines and having to work on applications while balancing a demanding work schedule, Rajdeep helped me structre the workload and meet R1 deadlines.
2. Lesser work experience: When I applied I had under 2.5 years of experience. Through the resume building process, Rajdeep really helped me highlight leadership experiences throughout my work experience which I was able to build on in my essays.

The best part of working with Admissions Gateway was the personal attention. At no point did I feel that I was being given generic advice or counselling- every bit of guidance was specific to my school selection and background.

Going in with an ambitious target of making it to a top-5 business school with 2.5 years of work-ex, I could not have asked for more. Rajdeep pushed me to keep improving my essays till the last moment and ensured that I did not compromise on my application. He personally engaged on every aspect. For most of my Round 1 applications, Rajdeep was up late, helping me review essays. I was invited to interview at HBS and Stanford. I was admitted to Kellogg with a $100,000 and also made it to my dream school-HBS with $100,000 scholarship!”

— Mat Sh, India

Harvard, $100k scholarship. Kellogg $100k scholarship

“I first heard of Rajdeep from friends and my opinion post my conversation with Rajdeep was that he was very direct and knew the weaknesses in my profile; which I was conversant with and that really hit me. It is important for consultants to be forthright and practical about what your strengths and weaknesses are. My experience of working with the team was amazing and I would like to highlight a few things that stood out.

Firstly, the flexibility with which the entire application process was rolled out. There were times when I was working on my resume and essays at 1:30 am with Rajdeep. It really helps to have access to your consultant when you have a hectic day long work schedule. Other than that Rajdeep pushes you to think hard about the entire application, starting from the resume to essays. We sometimes had more than 15 iterations and I believe Rajdeep understands how to extract the best from the applicant on their personal and professional achievements.

The third thing is that Rajdeep treats your application as his own, paying attention to the minutest of details and this gives you the confidence and comfort that he is always there to help. Finally, the team has in-depth knowledge on all aspects of the process from planning the resume to essay strategy; everything is planned meticulously and led to my admissions to Kellogg and Harvard with $100,000 scholarship at each.”

— Sure Ro, India

Harvard, $100k scholarship. Kellogg FC Austin $100k scholarship

“I heard of AG through another candidate who gained admission to INSEAD and joined because of AGs high success rate for Indians in the top-5 schools vs. other consultants.

I had applied to Wharton previously without an interview and found school selection challenging this time. I also found it hard to balance my work and applications time wise. AG kept me focused and once I saw my CV develop, I could clearly make out the value-add. My CV made me confident of my candidacy and gave me the sense that I can be competitive with the best applicants globally.

AG helped me brainstorm stories for my application and figure out how to tell them in a behavioural and result-oriented fashion and also make them more alive and engaging. AG also helped me overcome the challenge of a low undergrad GPA, which I was concerned about. I applied to 3 schools and am attending Stanford with $150K scholarship.”

— Gaur J, India

Stanford with $150k scholarship

“My friends recommended Rajdeep to me. Two of my friends (including one really close friend whose judgment I trust), said that Rajdeep really helped them in the MBA process; it helped them get into Chicago.

We started off going through my CV. He helped me to flesh out and solidify my work experience. Next step was the essays. The process was for us to discuss on Skype one day, then I had two days to work on the items discussed and send Rajdeep the work. We then talked again the day after I had sent in my work. I ended up talking to him at least twice a week, for 30 minutes to an hour, over the application period.

I found Rajdeep very knowledgeable about what the schools are looking for and he directed me to concentrate my application on the right factors. He fleshed out my history and boiled it down into the stories that work best for me and steered me into directions that I would not have chosen myself. He streamlined essay contents and helped me adhere to word limits.

I applied to four schools in Round 2. In the end, I am attending Harvard, so that is the best-case scenarios that I could have wished for.”

— Chay Te, Singapore

Harvard, Wharton & Booth

“When I started working with Admissions Gateway I had a couple of issues to address. My GMAT score was low for most schools I was targeting and I had an unconventional profile as my work spanned over Start-up and non-profit experiences.

We started by streamlining my CV Rajdeep helped me address points making them objective. Also the STAR format used really helped shape a good CV. Rajdeep spent a lot of time understanding my profile and gave some really candid feedback on how I should portray my profile and helped polish my goals.

Having worked with applicants to top B schools he knew how each school would view my profile and those tips were really handy in addressing the essays. Had I been trying to doing this on my own it would have taken me months to even get as close to this with my application.

Overall, the no nonsense approach as also the willingness to go far with applicant really proved very, very handy. I would definitely recommend Admissions Gateway to anyone who is looking to successfully get an admit from a top-10 school.”

— Dew Sa, India

Harvard, $100K scholarship

“I heard about Rajdeep when I attended a café chat session organised by Ross School of Business. I contacted AG when my GMAT score was 690. Rajdeep had a free discussion with me and rather than sign me on advised me to retake the GMAT to strengthen my position. I took his advice and got 720.

I had an operational background albeit with a leadership experience and needed help to make my resume appeal to ad-coms of top schools. AG spent time with me to analyse each point on my resume and provide me with frameworks that helped me bring strategic value out of my operational background.

AG conducted mock interviews before each of my two R1 interviews to help me prepare effectively. The material handed to me before the interview was immensely useful. I was admitted to Stanford GSB with full scholarship and Kellogg School of Management.”

— NS, India (Guidance, Resume and Interview)

Stanford, $150K scholarship

“I had just 2.5 years of work experience split between industries and roles and so I had to present my story so as not to be perceived as a rolling stone. The other challenges that I faced at the beginning of the application process was a) the timing and I wasn’t sure what were my resources, who were the people to speak to and what were the things that I needed to focus on.

Rajdeep has been extremely helpful and involved in the process and beyond. I find that the way Admissions Gateway works, right at the beginning by making you think through your resume, by making you think what your professional achievements are and helping you quantify them. AG makes you understand what your achievements are and what the related numbers are.

That is where you will get your content from and from there to the intensive discussions that I had which helped me build a coherent structure between my experiences and between my past, present and future. I would say AGs attention to detail is absolutely amazing because they really do not let you settle for less. I would go through numerous iterations to make sure I turn out a quality essay. They continued to help me during the interview cycle by helping me understand how I should present myself to the interviewer and answer questions that are put to me.

After I got admitted into 2 colleges he helped me secure 2 scholarships and now I am going to Wharton with a full scholarship. I thank Rajdeep and AG for all of that.”

— BhaRin, India

Wharton, Judith L. & William G. Bollinger Fellowship $136,000.

“My consultant would constantly look at the larger picture than bits of information, and help me highlight the reasons for decisions rather than the decision itself. This was true for every interaction that I had, every school or essay. His quick but objective evaluation of every fact and event was always towards the bigger picture of a holistic application.

Given my tight schedule, AG’s organised approach helped me in dealing with the application process in a systematic way. The team was good at picking relevant details from my profile and fitting them appropriately to form a vivid picture. This was very essential for my essays since the hardships faced in an Indian work context are difficult to define concisely. I was introduced to students at schools to understand the culture and consulting opportunities at the school.

The guidance was exceptional. I was sure that everything that I was saying or talking about was being construed correctly with regards to the context and picked/thrashed accordingly. The team’s knowledge of the schools’ requirements was amazing. Over time, I began taking advice without a second thought. The most comforting aspect was 24*7 availability. I could reach my consultant at odd hours, be it late weekdays or during weekends. The team understood my busy work schedule and was very patient with me.

I had no clue of where I stood in an international scenario when I first signed up with AG. But Rajdeep assured me that my chances were good and boosted my confidence. Every time I was stressed out and disbelieving of the result, he inspired confidence in me so that I work.

Along the way I realised that this person knew what he doing and how to approach an application. Trust built up very quickly and they delivered on their promise. Given my low GPA, work stress and lack of clarity on goals, I can say without hesitation that I wouldn’t and couldn’t have made it to Wharton without AGs assistance.”

— KolPrag, India


“I heard of Rajdeep from a college senior he had helped gain admission to Kellogg. In the beginning, Rajdeep helped me choose schools so that I cold maximize my potential. He understands the ‘personality’ of each school and accordingly suggested schools.

The biggest challenges were CV preparation, choosing the right story for each essay and effectively conveying ideas within the 300-500 word limit. Rajdeep helped my position my work experience and my CV underwent a miraculous change. This was especially impressive as I had less than average work experience and had to show that I was professionally mature.

For the essays a lot of creative ideas flowed between us and after loads of discussions, we crafted a compelling story. Guess, I have disturbed him the most with ultra-late night calls at 1 – 2 am on my ideas. I appreciate his work ethic in helping me that late! A lot of effort went into my application and it was worth it. Rajdeep helped me in important interactions with the admissions committee showing a great sense of how things work internally. I got into Darden with a full scholarship but will be attending Wharton with a scholarship.”

— Sanjdhar, India

Wharton Scholarship, Darden Full Scholarship

“I am from IIT Rourkee, post which I worked with Flipkart in an operations development role. I wanted to work in Product development so I joined a real estate firm’s online housing portal. I also co-founded a start-up. However, I had only 2.5 years of experience.

While many Indian and international consultants were hesitant to take me on considering my profile risky, Rajdeep had faith in my accomplishments which bolstered my confidence. Starting with my resume Rajdeep taught me to look beyond operational jargon. He also helped me structure my goals, which was a huge challenge given that I had worked with 3 industries.

In Round 1 I had admits from only Darden and UCLA with scholarship and this dented my confidence and I didn’t really want to apply for R2 and contemplated settling for Darden with full scholarship. Rajdeep motivated me to apply to Kellogg and Wharton, by which time my story in the essays was more refined which helped me present my case with conviction, helping secure admissions from both schools.”

— BanerIndra, India

Wharton $60K, Kellogg, Darden $120,000, UCLA $60,000

“I joined Admissions Gateway post my initial interaction with Rajdeep – he is realistic and takes a lot of time in advising objectively on schools. The first phase of the process – building a resume – was the most difficult for me. Connecting a myriad of things that I have done to make a cohesive profile was challenging.

The next tough part was building the initial essay drafts. I found it challenging to take incidents from my life and create meaningful content from them highlighting essential details within the strict word limit. Rajdeep would help brainstorm and would work on each essay draft with me multiple times to ensure it was the best it could be. Seeing my final essay draft after multiple rounds of edits was elating! Sometimes even when I was ok with the penultimate draft, Rajdeep would push me to look over the essay just one more time to add some finesse.

I got admitted to University of Michigan Ross and Wharton with a $51K scholarship. I found the initial support, go-to-person for any doubts and advice, as well as the constant push to improve my drafts for all admission material (resume, essays etc.) extremely helpful. The initial scoping is what requires the most effort and that is where AG helps the most. ”

— Mhnot Adit, India

Wharton with $51K scholarship

“The most important learning I got working with AG is that they helped me change my thought process. I worked with Piyush and he helped me systematically through the various aspect of the application process from resume building to essays to interviewing.

While my initial resume was just a job description, he made me bring out my achievements and enumerate them with numbers to better showcase myself. We had various brainstorming sessions for the essays – for eg. Since I like writing poetry, Piyush made me write my expression essay in poetry. Both Rajdeep and Piyush took my mock interviews which was extremely helpful. I thank everyone at AG for helping me through this process.”

— Mukher Roopsa, India


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