Admissions Gateway Reviews: Booth, MIT, Columbia and Tuck with Scholarships

“I was referred by a friend at Stern. My key challenges where justifying 2nd Master’s degree in business and preparing a vivid, detailed SOP.

The end-to-end ownership Rajdeep took for the process was remarkable. I am extremely satisfied with the guidance I received. Rajdeep has a keen eye for detail and I greatly appreciate his concern for the candidate succeeding in the application process. In my case, the points Rajdeep mentioned on making my SOP more detailed, ‘action-oriented’ and realistic were very helpful. Rajdeep has good knowledge of different career tracks and he helped me think through the application like a business proposal.

Thank you for all the support. AG truly went much above and beyond what I had expected.”

— SharLatik, India

Booth with $50K, Second MBA

“Having worked closely with Rajdeep and Admissions Gateway I would like to highly recommend them to navigate the complex maze of applications, essays and schools. It was my aspiration to get into a top 5 B School and hence I set my sights high applying to Harvard, MIT, Booth and Wharton.

I started working with in June. While working on my resume, he was able to grasp my accomplishments well and that allowed him to grant me the tools to showcase my achievements. Rajdeep has fantastic know how on essays in terms of structure and themes and also in terms of looking at things from 10,000 feet and the nitty gritty at the ground level. Through multiple and countless iterations he will ensure that you get the essays right and submitted on time.

Even in interviews people often underestimate them and Rajdeep helps you giving you the tools to articulate yourself better. Finally in terms of success, we had 100% conversion to interview and 67% success from interviews to admits.”

— AggAtanu, India

Booth and MIT

“I was a re-applicant and given that I had applied in Round 2 and didn’t get through most colleges I was inclined to switch jobs or take a break.

I spoke to many consultants and none of them was able to convince me otherwise except for Rajdeep. He had an extensive conversation alleviating my concerns for applying next year.

During my application AG spent a lot of time refining my resume and building my essays with key leadership and team work experiences. What I appreciated a lot was that AG pushed me on the essay quality and didn’t let me give up. He also helped a lot on my interview prep, sharing best practices and taking multiple interviews.. eventually helping me secure admission to Booth.”

— VermDru, India

Re-applicant admitted to Booth

“Before coming to Rajdeep, I had already applied to several B Schools and was waitlisted in 2 schools. I had a Marketing and Consulting background after Engineering and was a young applicant with a good GMAT score. Despite the score, I could not make it to a top school due to an underdeveloped CV and weak essays.

Rajdeep was very frank from the start and gave very specific advice on the structure and framework of essays. I was writing very operational details. With Rajdeep’s inputs and by combining the STAR framework with effective storytelling my essays became strong. He also made sure I selected the right schools and researched them well.

I ended up with a strong application and got calls from all schools I had applied to. Overall I made it to 4 of 5 schools, getting full scholarship from a top-10 and an admit from a top-5.”

— MakhMay, India

Re-applicant admitted to Booth

“I had an offer from Darden last year, but could not attend because of personal obligations. So there was an added pressure of performance. However, as I progressed through the application process, I could see the value that AG was adding to my essays, CV etc. There was a sea difference in the quality of the applications compared to my previous year’s applications, even though I had been admitted to Darden last year!

I received interview calls from all business schools I applied to. Trust me it’s an awesome feeling especially when you have already missed an opportunity earlier.

More importantly, I learnt the process of building a competitive application. And it was feasible because the AG team really works with you instead of keeping a typical hands-off consulting approach. The best part was the process itself. Building profile, essay writing, getting recommendations, interview preparation, CV writing, researching the school – I got to learn all of it through admissions gateway. I think – it will be helpful when I apply for jobs during business school.”

— GargAtl, India

MIT Sloan. Gave up a Darden admit to work with us

“10 essays in 1 month = 1 panicked applicant (in the beginning anyway). I was in a time crunch and frantic. With Chimni’s help, however, I was able to effectively focus my energy and time on perfecting strategically chosen stories as opposed to wasting time debating whether I had chosen good stories. Chimni helped me see why some things that I had thought were insignificant were actually incredibly important in making me a unique applicant. I was challenged with questions I hadn’t thought about before speaking with him and know that those elements that he forced me to dig deeper on helped me put together a better application. This applies not only to the essays but also the interview preparation. If I have to sum up the process with one word, it would definitely be Strategic.

Chimni is very personable and I really enjoyed working with him. I have to commend him on being incredibly, incredibly patient with me. I bombarded him constantly with what was probably inane questions about commas and colons and how best to write, rewrite, and rewrite again one sentence after another; he answered them all. I really felt that he understood the angst I was feeling and tried his very best to make the application process less stressful.

Chimni continued to be very responsive even after applications had been submitted even though he was planning his wedding. He helped me through the “Yay! I’ve been accepted to more than one school so which should I choose” process and even answered my emails during his honeymoon!”

— TAMNancy, Hong Kong

Tuk with $60,000, LBS

“I got rejects from Columbia and Wharton in round 1 and then came to Rajdeep. Initially I found it difficult to accept constructive criticism on my profile but at the same time Rajdeep was confident in my profile throughout – that was infectious

Rajdeep helped me forget about R1 and start from scratch. He helped me put across my point clearly and precisely and was available at odd hours for my queries and doubts. This was very useful as I had a consulting job. Thanks to him that I am going to attend a college of my choice that too with – 100% scholarship.”

— MitAman, India

Kellogg, Booth and Stern with full scholarship

“I am an IIT grad with 3 years of experience in Investment Banking. I decided to work with Rajdeep after very strong recommendations from seniors and friends.

For me the challenge was presenting a coherent story due to multiple job switches and Rajdeep helped me tremendously with this. He understands the process really well. There was this time when I was really nervous about an interview and he was very patient during the mocks, helping me build my confidence. He was just there, available all of the time to address the smallest of my doubts even at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Rajdeep will not let anyone send in anything mediocre. I remember there was this essay that I wasn’t positioning well and he kept sending me 6 to 7 samples and then telling me how to take a different approach specific to that school.

He has been a great mentor throughout and it is because of him that I shall be attending the school of my choice-Tuck. My recommendation to all applicants is to join Admissions Gateway.”

— GuptAnki, India


“A friend who got into Darden with scholarship referred me to AG. When I talked to him, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to apply this year. After insightful discussions with Rajdeep, I was convinced that I should go ahead and that there was no point in waiting.

My main challenges were putting a spin on my story to ring out essential elements and time management and speed of execution were critical as I was getting married in December, smack in the middle of the application cycle.

But with AGs help I was able to manage things and make sure that I break into the top tier schools. They helped me chart out timelines around the big event and made sure that I abide by them. He also helped me lock down my career goals, something that wasn’t very refined before then, bring out essential aspects of my life experiences and align them to present a seamless picture in my applications. The efficiency with which AG did so was remarkable and made the process manageable for me.

I got admitted to Tuck and MIT Sloan. Even after getting admitted if I had any queries AG was quick to respond. I was particularly impressed by the time and access I got and that helped me perform my best.”

— SuyoShul, India

MIT Sloan, Tuck

“I had a meeting with Rajdeep in Bangalore and was very impressed by his knowledge. Even when I was not a client he spent a lot of time mentoring me and that was reflective of how he generally is. I was a re-applicant and was looking for someone with experience in helping candidates to the top-10 schools.

One of best things about Rajdeep is that he really cares about his students. I felt that Rajdeep truly had a stake in my success. I really loved the part that we had multiple iterations on essays sometimes even 8 times. Being a re-applicant, I did not think I would need so much work!

Thanks Rajdeep. You are truly a rockstar! Another thing that really stood out was Aparna’s turnaround time and the quality efforts that she put in editing. Thanks Aparna!

— GuptRag, India

Re-applicant admitted to Tuck

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